Biography [What Mom Says]

David Pear was rescued from his stone statue in a cold Russian village by a beautiful but crazy princess who kissed him (which was disgusting as it was covered in pigeon erhhhm poop!) and lifted the curse cast by an evil and jealous wizard many moons ago.

He emerged holding only a stratocaster,(gifted to him by his parents who knew not of it’s power). To ensure the spell was truly broken David played a filthy guitar solo to the Princess, seducing her with sweet arpeggios, his fingers sliding effortlessly up and down the neck as his foot pumped the distort pedal, she fell in a puddle at his feet begging for an encore. David Pear was unleashed leaving panting princesses and wicked wizards in his wake ready to rock, never to stand silently in stone again.

All fairytales aside Pear's prowess on guitar and unique vocals, lyric then powerful rock grunt combine to entice his growing audience in London and across Europe. David Pear is currently studying a BA (HONS) of Creative Musicianship at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London.

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Pear has performed extensively throughout Europe and recently in London with huge support from Vivian Guitars and recorded an the album “Silverwall” in London under the label WOLF records. Solo projects yet to be released take Pear in yet another direction and show his diversity as an artist, an all round performer he often plays all the instruments on his tracks and his 7 second videos on youtube are a must see!

Pear is set to embark on a music career of which Rock and Roll will not be a boundary but the edge of the envelope he would like to push.

"Jacqueline Auty"

Thats’s the way I feel
That’s the way I live